Monday, May 28, 2012

Our first chicken brooder!

So our chicken brooder is all set and awaiting our chicks! We have 20 chicks on the way, they should arrive within the week. We have a 6 foot kiddie pool with 15" sides, our heat lamp, feeder, waterer, 50 pounds of Nutrena chick starter, and I think we will start out the first week with just paper towels on the floor of the brooder. I read that paper towels are a good way to keep the chickens from having deformed legs, or splayed legs, so we will line the bottom with those, then we will switch over to sand on the bottom of the brooder after a week.  My hubby also made some little roosts to use in the brooder, out of sticks from the yard. Can't wait for the babies to arrive! ~(:^~)

Our 1st Brooder:

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