Saturday, December 22, 2012

I haven't posted in a while, so it's time to get back to it!  A lot has happened since my last post.  We still have all 24 chickens, I think we still only have one rooser, Mr. Arnold, the Silver Spangled Hamburg.  He is quite the timid bird but on occassion has charged my teenage boys when they try to pick up one of his girls.   :) I have one white orpington who I am still unsure if it is a hen.......she/he is very noisy and is suddenly growing a strange little point on her/his head, but I have not heard it I am still guessing it is a hen.

We are now averaging about 20 eggs per day, the picture above is what I got this morning, 16 beauties!! I love the assortment of colors & sizes I get each day.  We are supplementing the light in the coop right now due to the shorter winter days, light comes on at 5 am and switches off at 6 pm, and they are laying beautifully.   It's about the time of day to go back out and check for more eggs and visit with the ladies.  They still keep me laughing!

Merry Christmas!!

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