Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Apple the Chick

So, I went out this morning to check my babies and the 2 friendliest chicks came running over to me, and I was able to get this shot of Apple - it almost looks like she is looking at me like, 'what do you want now".  haha, she is actually a really sweet bird, and I just love this pic I got of her today.  

We also discovered that they are now able to jump onto the edge of the brooder (kiddie pool - it stands about 15 inches tall), so my husband added a new level of height all around their little home.  That should keep them contained for a little bit longer anyway. 

I also think that my little chicken that I thought was a Silver Sebright, may actually be a Silver Speckled Hamburg Chicken, now that the feathers on the wings are starting to come in nicely.  Who knows, I guess only time will tell for sure. Goodnight All! 

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